Low maintenance lawns

Turf  Description

All M and R Contractors seed mixtures contain top rated cultivars. We have worked hard over the years to research the most well balanced blends for domestic and professional  requirements to give you the very best low maintenance lawns.

Low maintenance lawns and multi-purpose lawns:

Seed mixture for Cultivated lawn Turf :

  • 30% Dwarf perennial ryegrass
  • 70% Mixture of fescues  2/3 different cultivars used.

This Turf is known for it hard wearing abilities and its attractive sward. It meets the needs of all sports and amenity areas as well as providing a lovely lawn,strong and durable to withstand any amount of family use. Our top rated cultivars provide multi-purpose and low maintenance lawns.

Turf features

Can be used in and out of shade, drought resistant, salt tolerant, disease resistant, good colour, wear tolerant. Suitable for the diverse UK climate. You can reduce the time, cost and environmental impacts of gardening by choosing low maintenance lawns, Low maintenance lawns also tend to grow very well in most soils all the year round without all the hard work that has to go into the conventional lawn.

To order M and R Contractors cultivated lawn Turf and obtain a free quotation.
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We reserve the right to alter prices and Turf specification from time to time without notice.